Praia do Rosa is part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

The Praia do Rosa beach is suitable for gathering friends and family. The region offers wonderful places to enjoy rest and relaxation in all seasons, combining the rustic with the sophisticated, offers high quality accommodation and comfort, and excellent gastronomy serving the most varied palates. Besides beautiful, the beach is a perfect place to enjoy the pleasures of life. Enjoy the hospitality and keep nature preserved!


Rosa beach was discovered in the 70's by surfers

The exuberant nature of Praia do Rosa persists in remembering the old fishing village discovered by surfers in the 70's. Today, it is still possible to cross an ox cart along the way, or visit a fishermen's shack, or a hundred-year-old mill of flour in full operation. The days at Praia do Rosa provide contemplation of life in harmony with nature. A place where life happens away from the big cities.