There are eight comfortable and exclusive units with views of the Rosa Beach

Chalet totally independent with beautiful view to the sea and to the hill of the south corner of the beach of Rosa. Access for people with reduced mobility.

Independent chalet with large covered porch and panoramic view of the beach.

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Chalet with covered balcony and large view of the beach. Part of the inner wall is rough stone.

Fully independent chalet with wide views of Praia do Rosa.

Totally independent chalet with ambiance of bedrooms, living room and mezzanine. Large covered balcony with beautiful sea views.

Acomodacao Master Plus 8

Chalet with panoramic views to all the beach and the region.

Varanda Chale Luxo 9

Totally independent chalet with wide view to the south corner of Praia do Rosa

Suite located at the top of the reception with beautiful and wide view of Praia do Rosa.