Pousada Caminho do Rei provides a memorable experience, valuing comfort, leisure and hospitality in the way of receiving its guests. Every detail of the eight accommodations, arranged in awe-inspiring spaces with exclusive views of the sea was planned to make you feel at home.


Located in the top of the mountain in the south part of the beach and surrounded by fascinating nature and a beautiful panoramic view of Praia do Rosa, Pousada Caminho do Rei is classified as one of the best boutique hotels (pousadas) in Praia do Rosa.

recepção rustico chique


In the summer of 1984, the young couple Paulo and Mônica walked along paths tracing paths along the unexplored Rosa beach. When arriving at the top of a hill they were impacted with the beautiful view and, absorbed by the vision of that moment of immersion in the nature was born Pousada Caminho do Rei boutique hotel.


The project of life was to live in a quiet place witnessing the growth of the children and to build an inn with open doors to welcome guests and friends in a comfortable and hospitable environment. The Inn has materialized, each of the eight accommodations has been individually built together with nature to offer an unrivaled guest experience.